What Are My Weight-Loss Options?

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asked Aug 24, 2019 in Electron Microscopy by lovelysoul (420 points)

After eleven days of enjoying all the food of FloraSpring your choice (with four meals a day), you can go on with your normal eating style without any meal plan being followed. All you have to do is eat what you want before you have to resume with your eleven-day calorie diet shift menu again. The more fats you plan to drop, the longer you should undergo on this diet.

This eleven day with a three day break regimen is just a cycle you have to go through until your target weight is achieved. You might have heard that crash dieting is effective. The truth is, it is not. Such kinds of dieting will only make you gain more because your body metabolism tends to slow down and we all know that this is the very reason why most people gets big so easily.

Besides, you won't also be getting the needed nutrients for the body if you opt to this way. While exercising is not really a part of the said diet program, it still would be better to integrate some physical activities. You can walk around or run for half an hour a day; no need to visit the gym. Just sweat out those toxins and enjoy the benefits of hard work. 


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