Pursue Dating uses revolutionary new algorithm to match Christians

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Pursue Dating has continued in their pursuit of creating healthy, happy Christian families as the popular dating site recently introduced a new algorithm designed to make matching more effective. The proprietary system will help the black dating site achieve the goal of helping black singles and professionals meet, connect, and find love without wasting too much of their resources in terms of time and money or meeting “incompatible” singles.

Dating as a Christian can be somewhat stressful, considering the level of decadence in the society. Consequently, it has become increasingly difficult for Christians, particularly black Christians to find true love that will eventually lead to a happy home. While there are several online dating and matchmaking platforms available, many of such dating sites do not particularly meet the needs of users. This is where Pursue Dating has been able to change the narrative over the years, emerging as the go-to black dating solutions provider for Christians that want to build a happy family. The recent introduction of the new matching algorithm is a further reiteration of the site’s goal of creating an amazing happily ever after story for black singles

Described by many as the #1 Black Christian Dating Site, the proprietary system ensure that members of the community find the most suitable companion based on their preferences. This does not only help to save time, but also goes a long way in building a strong foundation for a happy family that will not collapse in the shortest possible duration due to incompatibility.

The user-friendly website is easy to navigate, allowing users to sign up in a couple of minutes without having to pay a dime. Users can subsequently build their profile by uploading their photos and other such details as required. Pursue Dating allows members to see photos, interact with one another, have fun, and even meet to set up a beginning of the eventual tying of the knot.


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Phone: +1 786-257-3333

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