Normal Blood Glucose Level - How to Test?

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The benefits of alpha-lipoic acid are greatest, Nutonen Review however, when taken the right way. The biggest mistake type 2 diabetics make with this supplement is to take too much all at once. And taking too high a dose of this most potent of all antioxidant supplements for type 2 diabetics, just does not do your body good. The half-life of lipoic acid in the bloodstream is less than 2 hours. Substances we take into our bodies don't know they are supposed to follow rigid mathematical rules but, more or less half the lipoic acid you take is gone 2 hours later, and nearly 90% is gone six hours later.

So to get continuous benefit from this antioxidant, it's important to take smaller doses throughout the day instead of one large dose in the morning. For instance, if you could benefit from taking 1,200mg daily, take 200mg at your main meals, at snacks and before bedtime to give you 24-hour antioxidant protection. The metabolic processes supported by lipoic acid requires the addition of B vitamin biotin. You need to add 100mg of biotin for every 1,000mg of lipoic acid you take. Biotin can be taken all at once, or you may prefer to use a brand of lipoic acid combined with biotin in the same capsule. Either way, you need more biotin every day.

It's also possible to buy more expensive products that contain R-lipoic-acid. If you are buying "alpha-lipoic acid," you are getting a mixture of two isomers of lipoic-acid. One has atoms arranged with a leftward or "sinister" twist, and is known as S-lipoic-acid. The other has atoms arranged with a rightward twist, and is known as R-lipoic-acid. The usual manufacturing process creates a mixture of both forms. The human body only recognizes R-lipoic-acid: about 40% of "alpha-lipoic acid" is actually R-lipoic-acid, so it's better value to pay about twice as much for R-lipoic-acid products. Take half the dose but twice as much biotin.

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