What's Worse Than Failure?

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asked Aug 7, 2019 in H&E by Cynthiarichards1701 (2,040 points)

Do personal development activities for 30 minutes Unlimited Abundance Review every day to keep your mind focussed and in the right attitude. Give your mind a daily dose of inspiration in the same way that you give your body a daily dose of exercise. Watch The Secret, read an inspirational book, go online and take a look at Abraham-Hicks or read my blog. Just do it!! 30 minutes of personally inspiring and motivating activity every day. Get together with like minded people, preferably those with whom you feel harmony of mind and who are already successful or at least hold a very positive attitude. 

Have robust conversations with this group of people, bounce ideas around and watch them grow. If you want to find out how to be a millionaire, watch and learn from a millionaire. Build your own expectation that you are a leader - be the person who you believe is a leader, do the things that leaders do, have the things around you that leaders have. If you do not know what it is that leaders do, be and have then do the research and find out. Leadership is not an accident, it is grown and nurtured.

Show your appreciation and gratitude for everything that you have, for the people you have in your life, the world around you and every little thing. This strategy is one which will help to maintain a positive attitude and therefore you will be in a better frame of mind to attract things into your life. Being appreciative and grateful will also help your energy to rise and high energy is a feature of successful people. You should also be appreciative of all of those things that you will have in your life; that are coming your way in the future. Show appreciation in your words and keep a journal of your daily appreciation list.



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