be risky to health if not taken according to proper and recommended dosage.

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keto hd If I had to create a profile of an "average back pain patient" who takes the time and effort to write to me, it would be of a frustrated person who has been poorly treated by the very doctors who they have hired to help them. In a great number of cases, the patient was never given an explanation of what is wrong with them. Most were subsequently placed in some form of treatment that they did not even understand and have (not surprisingly) benefited little, if any, from the care. A majority of patients tell that their doctors do not seem to care about them at all and are hurried and rushed when in consultation. Quite a few patients go so far as to tell that their doctors almost seem angry or aggressive towards them, especially if they ask many questions. Almost every back and neck patient has to endure long periods of usually ridiculous symptomatic care, which is not designed to cure anything, but instead merely makes the practice tons of money and keeps the patient in limbo, still suffering, for months, years or even decades. Eventually many patients are frightened into unneeded surgical procedures, most of which fail immediately or in the long term. Statistically, spinal surgery has a very low chance of providing a cure for any type of pain and an excellent chance of escalating the symptomatic profile exponentially.



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