What is the method to setup the Belkin router?

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The wireless bridge mode must be assisted by the routers.

Following are the guidelines to set up your Belkin router in bridge mode;

Belkin Router Technical Services Support Number 

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  • Users are first to need to connect their computer directly to the cable or DSL modem.

• In the condition when the would see the login screen for the internet service, It is required to make a note for the username and password

• Individual’s no need to unplug the router or the DSL modem.

• Now it is required to plug the modem to the Belkin router's "WAN" port.

• From there individuals could connect the computer to one of the Belkin router's numbered ports.

• Users should now turn on the modem and wait for 10 seconds.

For those who still need help from the support team may dial the customer support number provided through the Belkin router technical support team. With the help of the experts, all major and minor issues will get solved quickly and instantly. Experts would provide guidance throughout the problem until it will not get solve completely. With the help of the experts, individuals would be able to obtain a concise and accurate solution.

For any kind of technical help during the process contact, Router Technical Support team to get an instant solution. They are available 24/7. Call Now ✆+1 888 597 3962 for any Support.

More Info - https://www.quickhelps.co/phone-number/belkin/

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