How do I fix a fuser error on a Dell Laser Printer 5330DN?

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asked Jun 19, 2019 in Cell Tracking by Munro1998 (9,520 points)

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1. Cycle power on the Printer and try printing again to check for error.

2. If error returns please turn the printer around and open the rear door.

3. Disconnect the rear door connector by pushing it upward, twisting it 90 degrees to the side, then pulling it through the opening.

4. Lift the fuser release tabs and then slide the fuser release lever to the right to open the fuser door.

5. Check for any damage to the door or the fuser or any foreign objects.

6. Close fuser door securely, reconnect the rear door and close it securely. Test if the issue is resolved.

7. If the error is still present and if another 5330DN is available to try another rear door from a working printer.

8. If the error is still present and if another 5330DN is available to try another fuser from a working printer (See below for 5330DN Fuser removal).

9. If the error is still present with a working fuser and another rear door please call Dell Technical Support.

10. If an issue is resolved by replacing either the door or the fuser please call Dell Technical Support for Part replacement.

Replacing the Fuser on a 5330DN Laser Printer.

1. Turn off the printer and wait for the fuser to cool down before removal.

WARNING: The Fuser can be very hot. DO NOT touch the red roller in the Fuser Assembly.

2. Open the rear door by pulling it.

3. Pull the rear door strap.

4. Pull the rear door out of the printer.

5. Pull the duplex unit out of the printer.

6. Push both the levers of the fuser and downward both levers of the fuser.

7. Pull the Fuser unit straight out.

8. Reverse the process to install a new or working Fuser.


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