Organized Slot Advantage Playing Leaks Millions Of Dollars From U.S. Casinos

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The lucrative world of casino gambling is facing a strong adversary, with organized groups using complex strategies of slot machines inflicting huge financial losses on casinos across the United States. A leading expert in casino surveillance and security pointed out that the problem is rapidly expanding, posing a major threat to the industry's profitability.

Casino Watch Experts Raise Alarm Over Rampant Slot Advantage Play Tactics

Darrin Hawke, a seasoned expert in casino surveillance and operational protection, recently shed light on the surprising trend in slot advantage play during a core training session at the World Game Protection Conference in Las Vegas, Tropicana, CDC Gaming reported.

Hawke highlighted the vulnerability of electronic game systems to fraud and abuse, particularly the exploitation of players' club plans and internal and external fraud mechanisms.

Slot machines account for a significant portion of casinos' total gaming revenue, accounting for 75-85%, highlighting the seriousness of the problem. Hawke said many casinos fail to properly monitor these complex networks, making them easier for organized groups participating in slot advantage plays to exploit.

Hawke explained that the groups use a variety of strategies to extract significant amounts from casinos, mostly targeting video poker because of the low edge of the house. These groups can make significant profits without significant financial risks by strategically utilizing free-play incentives and utilizing multiple accounts.

Casino industry should step up action on slot advantage play

Mod operandi typically involves registering multiple people in a casino's Direct Mail program to set aside free-to-play rewards. When a certain threshold is reached, they collectively leverage these rewards while avoiding the need for private funding to generate revenue. Hawk emphasized that while the practice is not illegal, it causes significant losses to casinos, with some groups shifting billions of dollars across the country.

In addition, the groups use sophisticated strategies, such as team play and exploiting a must-win jackpot, to further improve their benefits. Despite the casino's attempts to encourage customer loyalty through free play offerings, Hawk noted that these efforts often come at wasted costs, and a significant portion of free play is not utilized.

Hawke urged casinos to take aggressive action to combat slot advantage play, stressing the importance of scrutinising player behavior and identifying patterns that represent exploitation.

It also highlighted the need for enhanced security protocols to detect and prevent organized groups from engaging in fraud. As casinos grapple with increasing financial losses from playing slot advantage, industry stakeholders are increasingly under pressure to implement comprehensive measures to protect against exploitation and remain profitable. 바둑이사이트넷

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