Who are the stars of the Year of the Dragon who will embroider the KPGA stage in the ‘Year of the Blue Dragon’?

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2024, the year of Gapjin , the year of the Blue Dragon, has dawned. Who will be the ‘Dragon Stars’ who will take on the Korean Professional Golf  stage in the 2024 season with the energy of the blue dragon? 안전놀이터

Kim Seong-yong , born in 1976, was born on February 15th and is the oldest among the KPGA Dragon players. Kim Seong-yong, who started playing golf at a late age, at the age of 24 after his military service, entered the tour in 2007 and won his first win at the 'Eugene Group/All For You Jeonnam Open with Muan CC' in 2017, 11 years after his debut. Kim Seong-yong, who celebrates his 18th debut this year, has participated in 205 domestic competitions to date.

There are three players born in 1988: Cho Min-gyu, Choi Min-cheol, and Lee Jun-seok. Cho Min-gyu (36, Woori Financial Group) won two wins on the Japanese tour, including the 'Kansai Open' in 2011 and the 'Fujisan Kei Classic' in 2016, but has yet to win in Korea. He has been runner-up six times. Last year, he participated in 16 tournaments on the KPGA Korean Tour and entered the TOP 10 a total of 4 times. He also showed consistency by passing the cut in every competition he participated.

Along with Cho Min-gyu, Choi Min-cheol (36, Daebo Engineering & Construction), winner of the 2018 'Kolon 61st Korea Open', and Lee Jun-seok (36, Woori Financial Group), winner of two wins in total, also dream of taking a leap forward in 2024, the Year of the Dragon.

Bae Yong-jun , a former Castelbajac Rookie of the Year Award (Outstanding Award), is aiming for his second win in the KPGA Korean Tour in the 2024 season. Bae Yong-jun, who debuted on the KPGA Korean Tour in 2022, successfully entered the top 10 four times, including winning the 'Honors K·Solago CC Hanjang Award Invitational' that year, and won the Castelbajac Rookie Award. In the 2023 season, based on his performance of reaching the TOP 10 five times, including runner-up in the ‘13th Descente Korea Match Play’ and ‘Genesis Championship’, he ranked 13th in Genesis points and 12th in Genesis prize money rankings.

In addition, players born in 2000, including Gyu-min Lee (24, Woosung Construction), Taeyang Jeong , Lee Yu-seok , Woosung Construction), and ‘Rookie’ Seung-min Kim , who were born in 2000, will also challenge for their first win in the KPGA Korean Tour this year.

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