A hand of hope at the end of despair: Jennifer Song - Yang Hee-young's '1% Friendship'

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This season, for Jennifer Song (Korean name Song Min-young), this Q-Series became a meaningful competition that made her think again about the meaning of friendship and greatly appreciate her friends.

Jennifer Song, who needed a new caddy for the Q-Series as her contract with her existing caddy expired at the end of last week, wanted to hire a friend who knew her well rather than a professional caddy, but the process of finding a caddy was difficult.

Jennifer Song's suggestions to close friends were repeatedly rejected, and when she was becoming frustrated with the dwindling competition dates and the fact that she could not find a caddy, Yang Hee-young readily accepted Jennifer Song's offer. The hand that Yang Hee-young held out in a moment of despair was warmer and more supportive than any other hand to Jennifer Song.

In a hell of a race, the two traveled the field together as players and caddies for 6 days and successfully completed the 6 long rounds without any major mishaps. As I was with my friends, my fears disappeared and my grades naturally followed. 

Jennifer Song, who had limited participation this season as a conditional seed, finished the tournament in a tie for 17th place and succeeded in regaining the LPGA full seeding right by ranking in the top 20. This is a full-fledged return to the LPGA stage.

Jennifer Song and Yang Hee-young, who finished the competition and stood in front of the Monster Gym camera, were chatting together and celebrating the end of the competition. Jennifer Song said about her feelings about finishing the competition, "I am so relieved that the competition is now over. It was a very long season and I think I felt relieved and grateful that it ended like this after a long time of patience."

Jennifer Song, who tried to overcome mental fatigue throughout the 6th round, said, "I think I shouted in my head to stay calm and wait until the end. And when I was nervous or made a mistake, having a friend next to me tell me I was doing well was a great support and helped me focus. “I was able to do it well,” he said, expressing gratitude to caddy Yang Hee-young.

Yang Hee-young, who was watching her from the side, said, "I know Jennifer Song has been working very hard to prepare, and thinking about how much stress she must have been under this week, I wanted to help her." She shared her feelings while carrying Jennifer Song's golf bag.

He continued by saying, "Fortunately, Minyoung came out with a small golf bag, so it was more comfortable than expected, and I found it difficult to pay attention to the players rather than carrying it. It was a week where I felt grateful for my caddy," expressing how precious the existence of a caddy is. He added that he felt it.

Now the two have become inseparable friends. We made plans to draw not only the present but also the future together. Jennifer Song said with great emotion, "We talked about various things while eating dinner. Later, when she became a grandmother, she said that she had this story and that she felt like she had something to share her memories with. It was a very touching week that made me cry." Didn't hide it.

Yang Hee-young also responded to Jennifer Song's reaction. Yang Hee-young said with a smile, "I think we will continue to be friends with her in the future and go on trips together when we are in our 70s or 80s."

Now, the two will begin training together before entering the 2024 season. The two, who announced that they plan to start the 2024 season with a drive-on competition in Florida in January, pledged to overcome hardships and adversity together as partners. 스포츠토토

Jennifer Song said to her fans, "I finished the 6th round well. I will see you in good form as I won the full seed. Thank you for supporting me until the end." Yang Hee-young also said, "Thank you for supporting Minyoung and me for a week. Now in Orlando. “I will train hard and show a lot of good performances starting from the competition in January,” he said.

With Jennifer Song and Yang Hee-young, who have built a 1% friendship, together, the LPGA's big stage has now become a stage filled with anticipation and excitement, not fear.

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