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Will Bitcoin be Accepted as a Formal Currency in the Near Future?

Bitcoin represents the new type of money that became extremely popular in the recent years. It has the possibilities to become a formal currency in the near future, because it is highly secured and independent from economic problems of certain region. The transactions of bitcoins are secured by all individuals in the network through recording them in digital ledger. As currency doesn’t depend from economic fluctuations, it may be considered as the solution for the countries with hyperinflation. At the same time, there are different issues that may prevent bitcoin from becoming global currency: fluctuation value, criminalization, and lack of strong framework of operations. The value of bitcoins may show huge shifts, as it is not regulated by central bank like traditional currency. As no any institution supports this currency, there is no force that can stop bitcoin value from falling to zero. This creates some sort of instability. Moreover, criminals may use excessive privacy approach of bitcoin for making criminal transactions and buying or selling illegal products. Lastly, Bitcoin has a limited number of circulations. Thus, there is an upper cap of the number of mined bitcoins.  To summarize, above analysis  by google docs plagiarism checker  that Bitcoin represents rather interesting phenomenon that can act as the background for some future currency because of its high level of security and independence from fluctuations.  At the same time, the developers of this currency should mitigate its weaknesses. Currently, bitcoin can’t be considered as the future currency because of numerous issues.

What are the Business Lessons You have Learned from the Margin Call?

This film depicts the moral dimensions of the financial decisions taken in the Wall Street. I have learned some important business lessons from it. The Wall Street was a mechanism that helped millions of people to live in the housing bubble, i.e. allow themselves benefits beyond their actual means. People actually want to live in such a manner: benefit from the goods they actually didn’t deserve. Wall Street employees are the tools that realized this social desire. But people’s rich life is just a mirage that will finally disappear at once. The Wall Street doesn’t help people with their foreclosures when this bubble bursts. So, the real evil of human sufferings during the economic crisis associated with burst of the housing bubble, originates from human mistaken desire to live beyond their actual earnings. In the case of crisis situation, common people tend to accuse Wall Street employees, when the actual burden of the responsibility was on the society

What are the Business Lessons You have Learned from the Devil Wears Prada?

This movie opens the doors of fashion world for the viewer. It has showed me that the employee should study the facts, technique, and procedures of any field this person intends to work. This knowledge is extremely important for showing high results. This film emphasizes that any work should be done in passion, i.e. the person should devote enormous time and efforts for becoming successful. So, the person may need to sacrifice something for reaching the success. This may be personal relationships, time for rest, friends, and etc. For avoiding this, an individual should establish the effective work-life balance


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