What Is The Working Principle Of Wire Bending Machine?

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What Is The Working Principle Of Wire Bending Machine?

One of the major products of the Autolink CNC machine is Wire bending. It consists of six major units/parts for ensuring the working process of the machine is efficient way.Get more news about Automatic Wire Bending Machine,you can vist our website!

These are the major units of the machine which enhance the working part of the Automatic cnc wire bending machine precisely. The automatic machine reduces the manpower to increase the productivity of the machine. The working of the machine is defined with the help of the machine’s parts.


It is one of the important parts of the machine. A CNC machine cannot work without the decoiler. It ensures to remove the tangles in the wire which has to be fed into the machines. The machine’s decoiler is externally connected to the machine.The loading capacity [loading weight] of this part is about 2 tonnages. Hence, if the power is turned ON, then the coiled wire will be decoiled and sent to the feeding box via a wire straightener.
Wire Straightener:
It simply removes the bend from the wire which has been sent from the decoiler and then sends that to the wire feeding box.
Wire Feeding Box:
The straightened wire is then sent to the feeding box which is attached to the suitable roller. The roller will be fixed according to the size and diameter of the wire. The wire feeding part is programmed concerning the working nature of the machines.
Wire Guide:
The wire guide part just sends the wire to the bending tool from the feeding box. The total distance of the guide is 800mm. The wire rotary is designed such that the part rotates for about 360°
Bending Tool:
The CNC machine designed the bending tool rotating for different R (radii) angles. The bending tool consists of inner and outer bending for framing the different formats effectively.
Cutting Tool:
Once the final bending formation is completed, the cutting tool is ensured to cut the wire and the sequence is continued for the same output.

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