The team says that the current playtest

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The team says that the current playtest, which turned into extended following its large achievement, “gave us plenty of clues on a way to continue with development Dark And Darker Gold.” It notes that extra questions were raised the various team, and as such some other playtest is planned previous to the game’s early get entry to launch.

The crew provides, “we hope to check a few quite good sized additions for this playtest,” but notes that because of this it will require a little more development time to put together earlier than gamers can get their palms on the sport. As such, you’ll have to watch for some time longer till you can get again in and grind out loot inside the unforgiving dungeons of the PvPvE recreation.

Dark and Darker playtest date - an armoured individual sits at a table, announcing, "Excellent! Now you would possibly stand a threat."

Next Dark and Darker playtest date

The subsequent Dark and Darker playtest is April 14-19. Ironmace says, “We know the extended downtime between playtests can be disappointing to our lovers however we are able to paintings our hardest to make the next one even better than before.” With the promise of lots of new features within the subsequent playtest, it sounds find it irresistible’ll sincerely be one to check out in case you enjoyed the preceding demo duration, or if you missed it and want to understand what all the fuss is about.

While we’re nonetheless anticipating more information on whilst the Dark and Darker launch date will fall, check our Dark and Darker lessons manual to rise up to hurry on all of your options Darker Gold, and test the Dark and Darker system necessities if you need to make sure your rig is as much as scratch.

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