As Dark and Darker hasn't been officially released

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As Dark and Darker hasn't been officially released yet and is already embroiled in such criminal issues with Nexon Dark And Darker Gold, it's currently uncertain if the game will make it to release in spite of P3 still being unrevealed. Ironmace has additionally taken down a GoFundMe campaign that has introduced every other abnormal stipulation to the felony dispute with the Maple Story dev in which they asked budget to hold improvement at the same time as masking potential felony fees.

The ongoing conflict between Dark and Darker studio Ironmace and Korean publisher Nexon has had some other interesting development, with a $500,000 GoFundMe campaign meant to assist Dark and Darker's legal struggle being deleted within an hour of its introduction. Although the GoFundMe page was deleted, Ironmace does not appear like giving up in its war towards Nexon.

The prison drama among Korean studio Ironmace and Nexon may be traced back to August 2021, whilst a Nexon employee called "Leader A" was stuck leaking property for a challenge with the working name "P3". Leader A was fired from Nexon as a result, and a later research confirmed that they had leaked thousands of the challenge's files to an external server.

Soon after, individuals of the P3 group quit Nexon to join Ironmace in developing Dark and Darker alongside Leader A. Nexon contends that Dark and Darker has been constructed on stolen belongings from P3, which has resulted in legal movement and even a police raid on Ironmace's studio.

Dark and Darker Player Gets Kill Using a Gate

An Ironmace admin named Luci on Dark and Darker's Discord server launched an open letter and recounted that the team wasn't aware that they had be making the put up cheap Dark And Darker Gold Coins, which called for the community to support Ironmace's legal battle via a GoFundMe marketing campaign.

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