Advantages and applications of Tube Filling machine And Sealing machine

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Advantages and applications of Tube Filling machine And Sealing machine

Tube filling machine and sealing machine is advanced equipment for sealing plastic pipes and aluminum-plastic pipes. It uses the thermal shock effect of the plastic tube produced by the ultrasonic sealing transducer and quickly melts the adhesive. The tube Filling machine And the Sealing machine does not need to add any additives, even if the surface is contaminated, it will not affect the sealing effect. Next, let's take a look at the advantages and applications of the Tube Filling machine And Sealing machine. Here are some answers.Get more news about tube filling and sealing machine,you can vist our website!

First, the servo motor controls the filling, and 8 nozzles are filled at the same time. Second, the Tube Filling Machine And the Sealing machine can achieve fast cleaning, fast adjustment, and step-less adjustment of the volume cylinder speed. The tube Filling machine And the Sealing machine is suitable for filling different specifications and different liquids. Third, the filling volume only needs to be adjusted once, each volume cylinder is fine-tuned, the filling accuracy is high and the consistency is good. The contact material part is 316L stainless steel and silicon rubber, which meets the GMP standard. Fourth, the filling piston-cylinder adopts imported geared motor step-less speed regulation, which is suitable for aqueous liquids and viscous liquids. Fifth, imported electromagnetic clutches and brakes eliminate inertia and high filling accuracy. Sixth, the man-machine interface communicates with the PLC. You can debug the device and change the type with simple settings on the screen. Seventh, bottling, positioning, filling, and discharging are all automatic. If the bottle is not in the correct position, the bottle is blocked, or the filling tube is not inserted into the bottle during filling, the equipment will automatically protect and continue to operate after troubleshooting.

Tube filling machine and sealing machine is mainly used to fill ointment or viscous fluid materials into aluminum tubes, plastic tubes, or composite tubes. Then seal the end of the tube. The Tube Filling machine And Sealing machine adopts a new type of stainless steel butterfly valve dosing pump and a screw fine adjustment device. In addition, the Tube Filling Machine And Sealing machine is widely used for filling, sealing, and batch number printing of aluminum tube packaging products in cosmetics, toothpaste, ointment, food, shoe polish, adhesives, etc. Tube Filling machines And Sealing machines can also be widely used in product packaging in medicine, daily chemical, food, chemical, and other industries. Such as ointment, adhesive, silica gel, AB glue, skin cream, hair dye, shoe polish, toothpaste, and other liquid or paste-like materials filling and sealing.

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