Extended range of Trojan's mighty Athena door hinge

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Extended range of Trojan's mighty Athena door hinge

To this end, we've just added cream, anthracite grey and chartwell green finishes to our Athena PVCu door hinge range, giving fabricators and fitters a total of 10 standard colours to choose from including white, oak, brown, black, chrome, gold and satin silver. For those fenestration professionals who are working with large or heavy composite doors and looking for a tough hinge to take the strain, there's now an Athena composite door hinge to suit too - available from Window Ware in white or polished chrome (other colours available on request include brown, satin silver, black, oak and gold).Get more news about Door Hinge Hl017,you can vist our website!

Both the PVCu and composite Athena hinges boast a unique double knuckle construction which delivers impressive load bearing capabilities; three hinges have a combined carry weight of 100kg - perfectly suited to large or heavy doors. Every hinge benefits from Trojan's trademark super-simple fitting and adjustment. 3D (height, compression & lateral) alteration on the PVCu variant and 2D (height & lateral) tweaking on the composite option is achieved quickly, accurately and gap-free with the door closed thanks to full float technology. In addition, Athena's lift-on-lift-off design makes perfecting the fit fast and hassle-free whatever type of door you're working with.

The Athena hinge has been rigorously tested to conform to all the latest safety and security regulations, as well as meet Trojan's exacting specifications on performance and durability. It is PAS 24:2016 compliant as part of a full door assembly. It has been corrosion tested to the requirements of BS EN 1670 and the painted finishes achieve Grade 5, while the plated finishes meet Grade 4 for proven resilience. It also conforms to BS EN 1191 for repeated window and door opening and has been tested to 100,000 cycles to ensure years of problem-free usage. And, like all Trojan products, the Athena door hinge comes with a 10-year mechanical guarantee.

Clamp Profile (0.0.373.67) is ideal for building stable, lightweight doors, guards, enclosures and sliding doors. Its particularly slim frame holds panel elements securely in place using Clamping Springs.
Folding-Door Hinge Al for Clamp Profile 8 32x18 is used to link together separate segments to create space-saving folding doors. Thanks to the Hinges, the moving elements fold up in a concertina formation.
Installation note:
The T-Slot Nuts used to fasten the Hinge to Clamp Profile 8 32x18 must be inserted into the door frame through the end face prior to assembly. In this particular case, T-Slot Nut V 8 cannot be rolled into place after the frame has been assembled.
The sections of a folding door can be fitted with Rollers for Corner-Fastener 8 32x18 (0.0.494.74), as shown above. They run in Sliding-Door Guide Profile 8 40x10 (0.0.495.13), which must be taken into account when calculating the height of the door frame.

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