Low-e Tempered Insulated Window Glass

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asked May 22, 2023 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_tt1VovXz (200 points)
Silk Screen Ceramic Glass is a decorative product which printed ink on glass surface,by process of drying ans toughening treatment,firing the inks on glass surface forever so as to anti-abrasive,acide and alkaline.Characteristics:1.Our production line is the most mordern in China,will produce high quality products with professional technique.2.We make silk screen ceramic glass with many patterns and different colors at customers' requests,it has higher decorative effect,higher color stability,and will not lose color.3.Higher security,have the same property as tempered glass.4.Obvious sun shade effect.Thickness:3mm-19mm?Max?Size??4500mm*2440mmMin?Size??200mm*300mm? http://www.creationclassic.com/processed-glass/insulated-glass/low-e-tempered-insulated-window-glass.html

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