How to Fix if Sage not Accepting Correct Password?

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How to Fix if Sage not Accepting Correct Password?

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Sage is a business accounting software that you can use to organize and monitor your finances and perform a variety of accounting tasks using smart cloud-based apps. 
Since Sage uses the private financial information of businesses and stores confidential bank details the software is protected by enhanced security settings. 
The login password is one of the most basic security features in Sage. Security errors on Sage are quite serious as you could lose important data that could disrupt your finances. 
If you ever encounter any unauthorized or suspicious activity on your Sage account you should call the Sage customer service number and consult an expert. 
It also helps to learn how you can troubleshoot security errors on your own so that you can keep your Sage account secure. 
This blog will give you an insight into a common password error in Sage and how to respond when Sage is not accepting the correct password.
Step 1: Open the company window and select Demonstration data

Step 2: Enter the required details and login as Manager

Step 3: Open Settings and go to the Access Rights

Step 4: Click ‘New’ then ‘Test’ and enter a Username and Password

Step 5: Log out of the manager account and log in using the new username and password you created.

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