Chinese Alphabet and Character

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Chinese Alphabet and Character

Chinese is a unique language with no alphabet. Unlike English letters arranged one by one in the alphabet and written as a series of letters following a logic or rules, Chinese characters, written as a series of images, have their own meaning, their own sound, and themselves compose words in a broad sense. Each Chinese character is a syllable.To get more news about chinese letters alphabet, you can visit shine news official website.

The best strategy to become familiar with the Chinese language is to learn each character. For example, “一” means “one”, and “起” means “to stand up”. Logically combining them, we get “一起”, which means “together”. It requires further learning and experience of the types of characters that can be put together to form a meaningful word without logic. However, once one has gained this knowledge of Chinese characters, it is easy to make an intelligent guess of their approximate meaning.

Are Some Chinese Characters the Same?
Sometimes a character has different pronunciations and more than one meaning; its context is different in the sentence.

For example, “行” (xíng or háng, hàng, héng, hèng), its meaning varies according to the words with different pronunciations, “行人”(xing ren)means walking people. The accompanying words help determine the whole meaning and its pronunciation.
Is There a Specific Stroke Order When Writing Chinese Characters?
Eleven basic strokes make up all Chinese characters in the Internet era. Although writing Chinese Characters doesn’t have the same impact as when letters and written messages were popular, knowing the ink lands of stroke order still proves your Chinese level and shows your artistic writing style.

Do Simplified and Traditional Chinese Characters Differ?
Some have very subtle differences, but it depends entirely on specific words; sometimes, they are totally different in appearance and full of complexity

Should I Learn Simplified or Traditional Mandarin?
It totally depends on your needs. It is better to learn Simplified Chinese if you are in mainland China because it is the most widely used. If you are traveling in Hongkong or Taiwan, it is highly recommended to learn Traditional Chinese because it is used only for writing.

Can I Learn Chinese in a Year?
It is definitely possible to make that progress and pass HSK exam. It just takes more effort and practice, and finding people to talk to in order to improve your knowledge of Chinese. The learning method is essential, so it is better to have a qualified teacher to guide you in your progress.

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