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Kingdom Valley Islamabad project plan

Welcome to the world of Kingdom Valley Islamabad, where luxury meets serenity. A project like no other, it promises a lifestyle that is unparalleled in terms of comfort and convenience. Situated in the heart of Pakistan's capital city, this upcoming residential community has been designed keeping in mind the needs and wants of modern-day living. Whether you're a young professional looking to settle down or a family seeking an exclusive haven away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life - Kingdom Valley Islamabad caters to all! So come join us on this journey as we explore the project plan for one of the most exciting developments in town!

Background of Kingdom Valley Islamabad project

Background of Kingdom Valley Islamabad project
The Kingdom Valley Islamabad project is one of the largest urban development projects in Pakistan. The project is located in the city of Islamabad, and will cover an area of about 1,000 acres.

The development will include a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial zones. The project will provide employment for about 200,000 people, and will help to address the city's growing unemployment rates. The project is expected to be completed by 2020.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad project plan
The overall goal of the Kingdom Valley Islamabad project is to create a mixed-use development that will benefit both residents and businesses in Islamabad. The project will include a number of residential zones, as well as commercial and industrial areas.

The residential areas will offer apartments and villas for sale or lease, as well as rooming houses for homeless members of the community. The commercial areas will include stores and restaurants, while the industrial zones will house factories and other businesses.

Overall, the goal of the Kingdom Valley Islamabad project is to improve life for residents of Islamabad by creating jobs and providing them with opportunities to own their homes.

The project plan

The Kingdom Valley Islamabad project plan is a mammoth undertaking that will see an investment of $37.5 billion made over the next 10 years. The aim of the project is to develop the area into a global hub for tourism, trade and commerce. The development will be facilitated by the construction of a new airport and an extensive network of roads, railways and waterways. In addition, there will be a massive expansion of the city's infrastructure, including new schools, hospitals and shopping centres.

Some of the key benefits that will be achieved as a result of this project are expected to include an increase in GDP levels by up to 2.5 percent, the creation of thousands of jobs and increased tax revenues. It is hoped that the project will also play a role in boosting regional stability and promoting cross-border cooperation between Pakistan and its neighbouring countries.

Development of the project

Development of the project has been underway for over two years now. The project will encompass an area of around 1,000 acres and will include residential areas, shopping centers, schools, hospitals and a golf course. The first phase of the development will focus on the construction of a mall and a convention center.

The development is being funded by several international investors, including the Dubai-based Landmark Group and Malaysia's Genting Berhad. The government of Pakistan is also expected to contribute to the project through tax breaks and other incentives.

Once complete, the Kingdom Valley Islamabad project is expected to attract thousands of resident

Funding for the project

Project Funding Highlights

According to preliminary estimates, the Kingdom Valley Islamabad project will require an estimated $580 million in funding. The breakdown of this funding is as follows:

$153 million in financial support from the Government of Pakistan
$268 million in private sector investment
$53 million in international support

The Government of Pakistan is providing the bulk of the funding for the project, with a total commitment of $153 million. This includes funds from the Federal Aid Programme and various other government sources. The private sector will contribute $268 million, including contributions from both local and international investors. Finally, international support will amount to $53 million, coming primarily from donor agencies such as the World Bank.
On average, it takes around nine months for a project of this size to receive final approval from all required authorities. However, due to the sensitive nature of the project and its potential benefits for both Pakistan and regionally-important countries such as Afghanistan, there have been some delays. Nevertheless, all indications point to a smooth execution plan once final approvals are received.


Kingdom Valley Islamabad project plan is one of the most important documents that a contractor must have to successfully complete a construction project. The Kingdom Valley Islamabad project plan outlines all aspects of your job and should be customized specifically for the site and the type of construction you will be working on. It also includes information about permits required, subcontractors you will need, traffic control plans, safety precautions, and more. If you are working on a construction project in Kingdom Valley Islamabad, make sure to have a copy of the kingdom valley islamabad project plan on hand!

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