Heart disorder and strokes  Certain varieties of most cancers

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stress  Heart disorder and strokes  Certain varieties of most cancers  Sleep apnea  Osteoarthritis  Fatty liver sickness  Kidney sickness  Pregnancy problems, which include high blood sugar during pregnancy, excessive blood pressure, and extended chance for cesarean shipping (C-section) TYPE 2 DIABETES Type 2 diabetes is a ailment in which blood sugar levels are above ordinary. High blood sugar is a prime reason of heart disorder, kidney disease, stroke, amputation, and blindness. In 2009, diabetes became the 7th main cause of death within the United States. Type 2 diabetes is the maximum common form of diabetes. Family history and genes play a large role in kind 2 diabetes. Other threat elements consist of a low interest stage, poor weight loss program, and extra frame weight around the waist. How is type 2 diabetes related to obese? More than 87% of adults with diabetes are overweight or obese.Four It is not clear why those who are obese are much more likely to broaden this


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