How to choose the linear module sliding table ?

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asked Mar 8, 2023 in 3D Segmentation by qocsuing (4,040 points)

The linear module sliding table is an important auxiliary equipment that many automation equipments need to use. The common automation equipments used in linear modules are: printing press, soldering machine, mechanical arm, etc.Get more news about linear sliding table suppliers,you can vist our website!

So, what aspects should we pay attention to when purchasing the linear module sliding table?

The following three points should be noted:

  1. Load

Linear modules usually need a certain amount of load, that is, how much weight the modules need to load. At present, many linear module manufacturers can offer products with various loads, and the factory must choose the linear module according to the actual load weight in the production process, otherwise, the load of the linear module will be insufficient, which will lead to problems in the product assembly line.

  1. Stroke accuracy

Linear module manufacturers with abundant supply will provide many linear modules with different effective stroke specifications. Effective stroke refers to how long the interval demand of linear modules moves from one end to the other, which is also related to the basic requirement of which products the factory can use linear modules. The movement accuracy also needs the factory to choose according to the products, so the effective stroke movement accuracy is the factor that determines the linear module specifications when selecting the products of linear module manufacturers.

  1. Configuration

The selection of linear modules should also proceed from the configuration point of view, such as the brand specifications of screw rods, guide rails, timing belts, switches, etc. The products of linear module manufacturers also have certain differences in configuration. When selecting, the configuration of linear modules should be determined according to the requirements of precision and other aspects when producing products.

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