Wireline Coring Equipment

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Wireline Coring Equipment

This is achieved using an inner tube with a core barrel head incorporated with latches that lock into the adaptor and locking couplings at the top of the core barrel outer tube. The inner tube is lowered into the outer barrel through constant internal bore drill tubes (drill rods). It then locks in position by means of the latching mechanism but is able to rotate through the bearing section incorporated in the core barrel head. At the end of the core run a recovery tool (overshot) is lowered through the drill string on a wireline. This locates on the top of the inner tube and retracts the latches when the wireline is hoisted. The inner tube and core can then be lifted to the surface.Get more news about Wireline Stop Ring,you can vist our website!

This technique has considerable advantages over conventional coring as the drill string does not have to be run in and out of the hole at the end of each core run. The wireline coring system has become the favoured method of coring; particularly in deeper holes, although there is still a great deal of conventional coring carried out

Dando can supply a wide range of coring tooling items in NWL, HWL and PWL sizes. Please see below for product numbers and descriptions.

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