How do I Manage, Backup, and restore all System Files in Sage 50 accounting?

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asked Apr 23, 2019 in Cell Tracking by ItsFlaming07 (540 points)
Sage accounting software is business management software which has become world recognized accounting software for the user that helps them, especially for the small business to offer financial management

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Your Sage 50 Accounting data is stored in a My SQL database. Every database consists of an SAI file that contains profile information of your company data,
 and a folder with a SAJ extension that contains your actual company data as well as user security information. Both the folder and the file are required to open your company in Sage 50 Accounting. You can search complete details about managing, backing-up and restoring system files by going 
through this article How To Manage, Backup, And Restore Your System Files In Sage 50 Accounting

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