Fulcra door hinge, a new dimension

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asked Mar 1, 2023 in 3D Segmentation by qocsuing (14,140 points)

The Fulcra door hinge is the ideal solution for creating heavy doors, offering a combination of high performance, fast installation and minimalist styling. Thanks to its high load capacity, Fulcra can be fitted on doors weighing up to 120 kg with 2 hinges and up to 150 kg with 3 hinges.Get more news about Door Hinge Hl017,you can vist our website!

A door with Fulcra hinges is adjustable in three dimensions—width, height and compression—all on the hinge edge, simply by using a hex key and without additional products. The male and female elements of the hinge are perfectly aligned even at the ends of the adjustment range, thanks to an innovative patented system.

Assembling the Fulcra door hinge couldn’t be more straightforward. The parts are fixed without any machining of the profiles, by means of stainless steel plates inserted in the channel. The hinge is therefore simple to assemble and does not require milling of the profiles. In addition, changing the opening direction takes just a few seconds.

Fulcra is available for various systems including Euro Groove (both internal and external version) and R40. The Fulcra hinge is CE certified and therefore suitable for application in combination with door closers and panic exit devices on escape route doors. It is available in an almost infinite range of colours. Fulcra can be purchased unfinished or with RAL powder coated finish, oxidized finish or in CromoSat and NickelSat TREND special colour finishes.

The Fulcra door hinge is ideal for entrance doors and doors subject to intensive use (use category 4* – heavy duty use) with high resistance to fatigue and wear: durability grade 7* – 200,000 test cycles in conformity with the EN 1935:2004 standard. Not settling on the required standard, Giesse performed further intensive internal testing: Fulcra brilliantly passed the 1.5 million cycles milestone.

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