How to set up Instant Payment Notification on PayPal?

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If you are a PayPal account holder and you use your account to receive payments from the buyers, then you must set up IPN alerts on your account. This shall let you know about the funds that you received in your account as soon as someone pays you for accessing your services. Thus, if you wish to set up payment alerts in your PayPal login account, just follow the quick steps that I am going to list in this article.

You can apply these steps to receive Instant Payment Notifications (IPN) on the PayPal website as well as the PayPal app. Enabling this feature is of great help when you want to confirm that you have been paid by someone on an urgent basis. Just make sure that you do remember your Coinbase Sign In details so that you can easily follow the process without coming across any hurdles.

So, let's begin our discussion on setting up payment alerts on our PayPal Business account.

Steps to enable Instant Payment Notifications (IPN)

  1. From a browser, go to
  2. Now, log in with your Business PayPal login account
  3. Now, click on the PayPal Profile menu
  4. From here, you need to choose "My Selling Tools"
  5. Scroll down and find the "Instant Payment Notifications (IPN)"
  6. When you find it, simply click on this option
  7. Now, make the changes on the page that opens
  8. Select the option that says- "Receive IPN Messages (Enabled)"
  9. Make sure that you do not enter the default notification URL
  10. Confirm your action by tapping on the "Save" button


As it is clear from the steps given above, setting up payment alerts on your PayPal login account is pretty easy and can be done by following a few steps that are discussed in this informative post. Just make sure that you re-enable this notification setting if you stop receiving notification alerts ever. As a reader, you can bookmark this article for future reference as you may need to have a look at it once again.

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