Horizontal Pin Type Bead Mill

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Horizontal Pin Type Bead Mill

TRANSOCEAN® KWS series horizontal pin type bead grinding mills are wet agitator grinding equipment for supper fine processing of powders or granules in liquids. The mills are applicable for grinding of the particle size range from 200 microns down to less than 1 micron with a wide variety of grinding media from 0.2 mm to 1.6 mm in diameter. Horizontal orientation ensures a homogeneous fill of the grinding media in the grinding chamber. Products fed by a feed pump are forced to flow horizontally through the grinding tank from the material inlet at the end far from mechanical seal towards mechanical seal and come out from the outlet near the mechanical seal while grinding media are retained in the mill by the dynamic ring & static ring type separator. Centrifugal separating wheel & static separating cartridge is available as an alternative option for discharge of products. The unique design of product discharge ensures smooth running against blogging in the grinding chamber.Get more news about pin bead mill,you can vist our website!


● TRANSOCEAN® horizontal pin type bead mills are suitable for wet grinding of particles or powders in the production of automotive paint, printing and dyeing paste, epoxy resin paint, lithium battery paste, ink, coating, color paste and alike.


●Grinding pins made of high hardness alloy, silicon carbide, zirconia and PU are available for option.

●Grinding pins on the external surface of rotator provide strong impact and shear to grinding beads and products.

●Pins on the internal surface of grinding chamber are optional to disturb the flow of grinding beads and products.

●Working volume of grinding chamber can be adjustable with the handle

●Comply with the European Machinery Directive of CE

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