Cadena Dial Radio Station

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Cadena Dial is a radio station that broadcasts Spanish and Catalan pop music. It is owned by the Spanish media company PRISA and is based in Madrid. The station can be listened to on FM, DTT or through an application. Since April 2017, the program is also available on the internet at

Cadena Dial is one of the most popular radio stations in Spain. The station was established in 1990 and started with a generalist model. However, it has since evolved to a music-only format. Today, it is the third most-listened to radio program in Spain. Atrevete with Luis Larrodera is the most popular program. In addition, the breakfast programme is the third most-listened to in the country. During the Christmas season, the breakfast program is replaced by an extended version of Formula Cadena Dial.

Cadena Dial is a music radio station that can be listened to through FM, DTT or through an application. Cadena Dial has an audience of 2,109,000 people. It is aimed at a family audience and broadcasts pop music. The radio station is produced in Madrid and is aired 24 hours a day. Moreover, it is also available in Canarias. To listen to Cadena Dial, you can go to the official website. Also, you can download the application for your mobile device. Aside from that, you can find the latest music news on the station. Listen to the music you love and enjoy your time with your loved ones.

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