Switch's Officially-Licensed Micro SD Card Collection Expands With New Fortnite Designs

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Storage space has always been one of the Switch's downsides, with the system's internal memory never really being enough to house the many games, patches and more we find ourselves downloading these days. The issue makes a microSD card an essential purchase for any Switch owner and thankfully, there are plenty of great options available on the market already.Get more news about custom dongnan micro switch,you can vist our website!

While you might want to opt for microSD cards that offer the best value for money, there are some fancier, officially-licensed designs available, and that range has now grown thanks to these new Fortnite cards. Both 128GB and 256GB sizes are available, with the latter naturally costing a little more, and they can be found at retailers like Amazon and Best Buy – stock is already proving a little sketchy, so we've also included links for you to buy them directly from manufacturer Western Digital below:
Make sure to check out our full guide to the Best Nintendo Switch Micro SD Cards to learn more and browse the best deals on the market, and let us know what you think of these new Fortnite cards with a comment below.

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