List of Common Chinese Characters

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List of Common Chinese Characters

Have you ever wondered about common Chinese characters and phrases? The Chinese language contains approximately 50,000 characters, but it can help you in a long way to sound like a native if you know common characters and phrases. Learning basic Mandarin Chinese characters, words, and phrases are not as daunting as people thought. Is the idea of learning Chinese characters strike fears in your heart? But if you know how to respond to common Chinese sentences, you can effectively interact with the native Chinese people. When you master these chunks of sentences, you may then consider studying Chinese in China.To get more news about chinese alphabet, you can visit shine news official website.

Chinese characters are made up of different strokes, and each character has its specific pronunciation. Even a specific change in the pronunciation alters the meaning of the character. If you are aiming to learn mandarin, learn 2500 basic characters of Chinese. You can combine those characters to create thousands of words. There are interesting Chinese Language apps that will help you keep up with the progress

Even if you plan to visit China, a basic understanding of Chinese characters and phrases can help you communicate with Chinese folks. But I am here to tell you that it will not take years to sound like a native if you know common characters and phrases.

I’m not writing this article to teach you hanzi (Chinese Characters), but I will tell you how to pronounce specific words. If you know 100 common characters and phrases, you can understand half of the words without getting confused. Exciting? Let us suppose if you know 1000 words, and you can understand 75% of Chinese text. Doesn’t it seem that difficult now? Right? Our curated list of common Chinese characters and phrases is your guide.Chinese is a tonal language that means a word can have different pronunciations, and meaning is based upon the pronunciation. For example, if you say “ma,” depending upon the pronunciation, it can mean a horse or mother.

There are five primary tones in Chinese. Each one has a different accent and meaning. Let us take the example to understand how each tone sounds for the word “ma.”Can you observe each inflection has a different tone? If you can know the logical understand of these primary tones, you can easily learn several innovative words. A slight change in the pronunciation represents a different meaning of a particular word.

I will teach Mandarin Chinese characters and phrases because mandarin is the common language spoken all over china. People living in Taiwan and Singapore speak Mandarin, but there are many other places where Mandarin is not spoken. For example, if you are planning to visit a major travel destination in Hong Kong, they speak a different language entirely.

Chinese characters are so complex, and it is tedious to learn all of them. Chinese linguists developed pinyin that converts the Chinese characters into readable form. Using the English alphabets, it converts the Chinese character to be readable by western leaners. In fact, you are already interacted with the Pinyin above by reading the various pronunciation and tones of the word “ma.”

You can never mater another language without practicing. Without serious study, you may not be able to master the Chinese language. The best way to gather the command on the language basics is to listen to the words and phrases’ pronunciation.

If you have command in the English language, you can use Google translator to input the words in English and listen to the word pronunciation in Chinese, Amazing?

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