Chinese Blockbuster ‘Home Coming’ Getting Global Theatrical Release Courtesy of CMC Pictures

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Chinese Blockbuster ‘Home Coming’ Getting Global Theatrical Release Courtesy of CMC Pictures

After performing solidly at home, China’s latest nationalistic blockbuster, Home Coming, is heading out into the world. To get more news about new chinese movies, you can visit shine news official website.

The film topped China’s National Day holiday box office last weekend with a $60 million debut. It has since climbed to $117 million, with local ticketing service Maoyan projecting a finishing total of around $240 million.

Building on the domestic success, Beijing-based distributor CMC Pictures has set the film for a North American limited release on Oct. 21, followed by the U.K., Ireland, Australia and New Zealand on Oct. 27, and Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Pakistan, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg on Oct. 28. Home Coming is directed by newcomer Rao Xiaozhi but produced by Frank Guo, the filmmaker behind China’s record-earning sci-fi hit The Wandering Earth ($700 million in 2019). The film has racked up strong social scores in China, earning a 9.6 rating from Maoyan and 7.6 from reviews site Douban.

Home Coming tells the story of two veteran Chinese diplomats (played by Zhang Yi and Wang Junkai) who are sent to a fictional war-torn country to assist in the evacuation of Chinese nationals. After completing their initial task, they learn that over 100 additional Chinese citizens have been mistakenly left behind. The two unarmed diplomats then decide to brave the war zone to ferry their 125 countrymen through gunfires and desert back home.

The film was written by Haiyan Qin, Ce Shi, Zhilong Lei and Jingwei Bu. Co-starring and supporting cast include Tao Yin, Taishen Cheng, Zixian Zhang and Haoyu Chen.

The lead producer on the film is Huace Pictures. Co-presenting are Yi Yi Yi Yi Culture Media, Zhe Jiang HengDian Film, G!FILM Studio and Beijing Free Whale Pictures.

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