collagen inside the body's, and they are as followed

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asked Dec 15, 2022 in 3D Segmentation by 9xpd71q6 (120 points)

collagen inside the body's, and they are as followed: Type I - Responsible for approximately 90% of the frame's collagen degrees which might be full of fibers. They help with pores and skin and bone structure, hunger cravings, cartilages, tendons, and strengthening your tooth. Type II - Made up of loosely packed fibers that aid in elasticity to your joints. Type III - Supports arteries, muscle fiber and organs in the frame. Type IV - The anti-growing old outcomes of assisting the percolation of pores and skin texture (Couppé et al., 2008). Interestingly enough, (McGruther, 2014) indicates that bone broth is produced


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