CNC Machining

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asked Nov 28, 2022 in Electron Microscopy by daisy1872683 (300 points)
Our Story
12 years of CNC machining experience.
The company Haoze Technology was founded in 2010 by Kevin Wu.
Kevin started the company from a small workshop with 5 CNC machines.
After experiencing a difficult startup period, the business grows rapidly.
Three years later, Haoze moved to a larger plant and added 10 milling machines and 1 lathes.
In 2015, Kevin decided to enter foreign market.
With the rapid expansion of international business, Haoze moved again to a new location with 1500m2.
Currently, we have 27 CNC 3 axis milling machines, 1 CNC 5 axis machine, 2 lathes and 3 CNC mill-turn combination machines.
We serve customers in many different industries including automative, medical device, aerospace, electrical equipment, biology, etc.
As a ISO9001 certificate CNC machining manufacturing vendor, we not just provide high quality production service, but design enginerring solutions.CNC Machining

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