My Review of the Folomie Under Bed Shoe Cabinet

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No Matter How Big the House Is, I Believe Most People Say That There is Not Enough Storage Space. I Regretted Why I Didn't Make More Cabinets when I Was Decorating. in Order to Increase the Storage Space, I Can Use the Space--the Space Under the Bed

I Have a Lot of Shoes and I Don't Have Enough Space to Store Them. when I Wanted to Buy a Good Under Bed Storage Box, I Checked a Lot of Information and Websites, and Finally Chose Folomie Storage Shoes Under the Bed.

I Am Very Happy with This Purchase when I Received It, Just As Perfect As I Saw on the Folomie...loved How Solid and Beautiful It Is...served Its Purpose Perfectly. Used It for My Shoes and It Cleared the Space Like a Charm. Highly Recommend This As a Storage Option for Your Shoes (or Other Items)! Not Only is This a Beautifully Made Product, but the Included Instructions Are the Best I've Ever Seen!

Let's Start with the Box. It Was Recorded According to the Guidelines on the Package. It Was Clearly Written That There Were 2 Items in the Box That Were Supposed to Be Sold As a Set and the Box Would Have Been Used to Send the Product to Me. Sturdy and the Perfect Size.

I Know It's a Bit of a Hassle to Focus on the Packaging, but It Shows Me That the Supplier Really Cares About Presenting Their Product in the Best Possible Light. the Quality of the Organizers is Outstanding. I Will Definitely Buy These Again and I Will Check with the Same Supplier to See What else They Sell.

The Sturdy Sides and Durable Handles Allow Me to Pull Them out from Under the Bed with Confidence. Durable (thick!) Zippers and High-quality Materials. the See-through Upper Lets Me See My Shoe Collection at a Glance and Keeps Them out of the Dirt Stores a Lot of Shoes, Up to 12 Pairs. Durable Enough to Use Every Day. It Frees Up More Space for Me, It Fits Perfectly Under the Bed or in a Closet, and Looks Great Too!

Also a Nice Design, Compartments Are Easily Adjustable to Fit a Variety of Shoe Types from Sandals to Heels. Also Makes for Great General Purpose Storage. the Adjustable Compartments Fit Different Shoe Sizes, from Kids Shoes to Heels and Boots. This Under Bed Shoe Cabinet is Also Great for Under Bed Storage of Towels, Clothes and Bedding.

This Under Bed Shoe Cabinet is Easy to Maneuver, Lightweight and Well Constructed, the Low-friction Fabric on the Bottom Helps It Glide Easily over Hardwood Floors and Even Carpet, and the Two-way Zipper Allows for Easy Movement

This is Pretty Much the Product I Was Expecting and Hoping For. I Have a Great Walk-in Closet, but the Shoe Organization Isn't Great. So I Want This As a Shelf to Organize Shoes and Also Have a Clear Cover to Stop the Smell. It's Exactly What I Was Looking For, Good Quality (i Didn't Have to Move It) and Has Room for a Pair of Shoes Per Slot. I Am Very Happy with It, and for the Price, Happy to Have 2.

If You Also Need Durable, Affordable Storage Shoes Under the Bed, Visit

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Finally, I take great care in cleaning the floors, ensuring they are free from any dirt or debris, making the living room a clean and enjoyable place to unwind. oven cleaning

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