What are the major issues resolved by Canon printer support?

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asked Nov 21, 2022 in 3D Segmentation by maryjoan1 (120 points)

The major issues resolved by Canon printer support are the printer not turning on, the Canon printer giving low toner error, slow printing speed, Paper jam issues, Printer printing streaked, blotchy, or faded pages, printer offline issues, and more. https://www.printerssupportpro.com/canon-printer/

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answered Dec 9, 2022 by Jimmywick (6,420 points)
After disconnecting the power cord, wait at least five minutes. Inspect the power cord for damage (exposed wiring, cracked, etc.). If the cord is not damaged, plug it back in after at least five minutes. If you are still unable to obtain power to the device, try another power outlet.


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