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asked Oct 28, 2022 in 3D Segmentation by psoffice58 (4,380 points)

Edit Photo

In layman’s terms, photo editing is the process of altering a photo. This can be done manually and automatically by a software application. Some photos are taken after applying an edit during the shoot, thanks to the advancement in software technology. Photo editing is called by different names like post-processing, image manipulation, and photo enhancement. Owing to the extensive use of Adobe Photoshop to edit photos, the word ‘Photoshop’ as a verb or ‘Photoshopping’ has also become more common these days. In the past, hard photographs were edited by airbrushing and other traditional art media. However, Photochemical photographs are very rarely edited these days due to the efficient ability to do it while it is in the soft version using a software application.



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