Folomie Guide help you Choose the Right Food Containers

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Considering some new food storage containers? Wondering about glass verses plastic? Round or rectangular? Here's everything you need to choose the best Egg Container with Lids for your needs.

Choose sturdy, stylish containers.

While you may choose to keep your food storage containers hidden in a kitchen cupboard, chances are they will be displayed on your counter for convenience while you’re preparing meals. Thus, you’ll want to choose kitchen storage and food storage containers that coordinate with the room’s style and look fresh and clean. Pick sleek stainless steel food storage containers to complement a modern kitchen, or look for old-fashioned ceramic kitchen canisters with knobby lids that work with a country theme. Clear glass kitchen canisters are fashionable in any kitchen, and you can always personalize these containers with ribbon to add an extra touch.

Choose containers by size

An essential factor while choosing kitchen containers is the size of the compartments. Always keep in mind before selecting them. Selecting too big size bins also takes up less kitchen space and makes the kitchen look cluttered. If you choose the containers for pulses, do not select cans of more than one or two kg. Apart from this, keep the boxes of spices not more than 200 grams and arrange them to be easily picked up.

Freezer/microwave safe

Check your container to see if it's marked as freezer and/or microwave safe. When we reviewed plastic containers, some claim to be suitable for temperatures between -20°C to a maximum of 120°C, while others are only suitable up to 100°C. We don't recommend boiling any food in a microwave as, over time, there could be signs of warping or melting of the plastic.

Material of Food Container

Most food containers are either made of glass or plastic material, each offering its own set of benefits.

Plastic containers are essentially non-breakable, so it won’t shatter even if it is dropped on the ground. Plastic containers are also generally lighter when compared to glass containers. As such, plastic containers are suitable for those that are looking to use them for bringing food to work. Some plastic containers also have tiny compartments to store different smaller food items, which makes them ideal for packing your child’s meals. Most plastic food containers can also be stacked easily, making them more space-saving as compared to glass containers.

If you choose to buy plastic food containers, one important thing to note would be to make sure that you choose those that are BPA-Free. Apart from that, you are also encouraged to refer to the “recycling code” that can be found on the bottom side of most food containers. If the container is marked with numbers 1,2,4, or 5, they are suitable for food storage. However, if you spot the number 7, it means that the plastic contains BPA and might leach chemicals to the food items that you store in them.

Glass containers are more suited for home use in the kitchen. Glass containers are mostly freezer-safe, so you don’t have to worry about the glass breaking. Glass containers are also leakproof and easy to clean, so you can rest assured that there won’t be any mysterious liquid stuck on your shelves. Apart from these, glass containers will not release chemicals when they are frozen. Glass containers are also generally more aesthetically-pleasing than plastic containers, and they don’t absorb any stain or smell. Also, if you’re all about going green, then you would be delighted to know that glass containers are 100% recyclable, unlike their plastic counterpart.

If you are looking for high-quality food containers, we recommend you visit rolling egg storage online store You can take the tips given above and can end up with the best container for storing your foods fresh and healthy for long.

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