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As this is a special day here at Bird Tools as well (obviously), we wanted it to be a milestone by releasing our latest FREE add-in, CAD Block Remapper!To get more news about cad blocks download, you can visit shine news official website.
In fact, this app is everything but new here, as we've developed it back in 2018 and were about to release it twice in 2019 and exactly a year ago, but had to postpone that due to the extremely tight schedule we have with ongoing custom development jobs.
CAD Block Remapper is a FREE app by Bird Tools, that is both an AutoCAD and a Revit add-in: It allows the user to map families to linked CAD Blocks, and would place the family instances on their correct locations.
No CAD import, nor Import Explosion are involved in the process, only CAD linking, as the CAD files are automatically processed by the AutoCAD add-in part of the app.

It supports both hosted and non hosted families, and can host families on both the nearest ceiling and the nearest wall, with an option to specify vertical offsets
You can download the version 0.5 below for free. The app is still at a Beta stage, and we are looking forward to your feedback to make it even better! Do not hesitate to contact us at any time!

Download CAD Block Remapper

Here's a video demo in case you prefer watching videos over reading the usage instructions that you can access by pressing F1 while hovering over the App's Revit pushbutton.
Fast and simple access to component part CAD drawings is vital for engineers to design machinery. Accurate 3D visualisations also help buyers make quick decisions. WDS Components Ltd freely presents its library of 25,000-plus product drawings in a variety of CAD and non-specialist file formats to help component users speed up their design process.

Sam Wilkinson, Design Engineer at WDS Components Ltd., explains how easy access to component CAD drawings enables faster design.Bretby Gammatech invested in SolidWorks 3D CAD drawing system to further enhance our customer offering in terms of accurate drawings and visualisation of a project. To the right is a typical Ash Eye installation 3D simulation being prepared, this has proven to be very much an added value to the client and a more efficient way of handling customer information and upgrades.

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