Things You Need to Know in Making Money With Online Games

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How to earn money colorwiz fast online and legal is no joke. Just imagine if you could take something you love or know a lot about, and turn that into cash. Would you be interested?

All you have to do is put your passion or knowledge on paper, and with good content and an interesting title, you can get paid to publish your article online.

Lets Begin With an Example

Let's say you have a popular pet fish of the type called Betta fish or "Siamese fighting fish" and know lots about them. In fact, you managed to take care of a fin rot problem that almost killed one of your fish. People are always looking for information to solve a problem with search words like: cure, fix, solve, tips, remedy, solution, & treatment.

So now you write a little article of a few hundred words telling your story of how you solved your Betta fish fin rot problem. And the best title for these 'problem-solution' articles usually begins with "How to". So a title like 'How to cure Betta fish fin rot in 3 easy steps" would be an excellent title.

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