The authors of LOSTARK displayed the highlights from VK Fest

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Asmongold also said that the perception concerning pay-to-win would undergo a 180. As he said, people will be "looked down upon" and "considered socially inferior" in Lost Ark Gold the event that they don't take part in the pay-to-win game, because it is due to in-game "social tensions." Unfortunately, his hypothetical future might be more realistic than he thinks.

In the year 2019, Polygon wrote an essay about an elementary school kid who was bullied by other students for using default Fortnite skins, and hadn't purchased specific outfits. The child purportedly "begged his parents for [money] to buy a skin because no one would play with him." Sadly, that is hardly the only example of microtransaction-based bullying. 

A year later, the children's commissioner for England organization published a research study which revealed that other children Fortnite players were victimized for not spending money on exclusive in-game skins.Genshin Impact is another fascinating example of a successful game finding new ways to push possible pay-to-win microtransactions. This game is known for having a large roster of characters playable hidden behind what is known as a "gacha" technique. One way of unlocking these heroes is to use gems that players earn in-game or can purchase with real cash. 

To acquire higher-quality and more powerful characters, players must invest more gems in the gacha system before hoping Lady Luck smiles on them. For added complication players can upgrade characters by receiving duplicates from Genshin Impact's online slot machine. That means that in order to fully upgrade the most sought-after characters, you need to add more gems or money to Cheap Lost Ark Gold Genshin Impact. There's basically no escape.

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