Grow Blue-Green Copper Acetate Crystals

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asked Mar 18, 2019 in 3D Segmentation by weishida (1,780 points)

Copper Acetate Manufacturers(WSDTY) proposed It’s easy to grow large naturally blue-green monoclinic crystals of copper acetate monohydrate [Cu(CH3COO)2·H2O]. Dissolve 20 grams of copper acetate monohydrate in 200 ml of hot water. If you don’t have a scale, don’t despair. Dissolve the copper acetate in warm water to create a saturated solution. You’ll know you have enough of the powder added when it stops dissolving in the liquid. If you see a scum of undissolved material, stir in a couple of drops of acetic acid (vinegar). Place the container in an undisturbed location to allow crystal to grow. Blue-green crystals should start to appear within a couple of days. You can allow them to grow on their own or can you can select one perfect crystal to use as a seed crystal to grow larger crystals. If you wish to grow a large single crystal, place the seed crystal in a new container and add the copper acetate solution from the old container. When you are pleased with the crystal, remove it and place it on a paper towel to dry.

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