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asked Sep 25, 2022 in H&E by BetaBeatBloodSugar (120 points)

BetaBeat Blood Sugar Support: Ginseng is a powerhouse of energy levels, mood elevation, and strength for most diabetics. It helps improve the healing abilities of your body by reducing the accumulation of toxins in blood pathways. It helps your blood circulate well so you never fall sick and prey to various ailments.

Gymnema Sylvestre: This herb is a game changer for diabetics as it fights sugar cravings and reduces the amount of sugar added to your blood. It naturally uplifts the energy levels so your body doesn’t require additional sugar to keep up with your energy requirements. It also helps directly reduce the sugar levels as seen in readings.

Astralagus: It is an anti-diabetic agent used in a majority of Chinese medicines made for diabetes. It contains energy-boosting properties that reduce the requirement of sugar consumption in the first place. This helps promote healthier glucose levels in the blood. Also, it helps convert sugar into energy quickly so there’s no sugar rush and then a drop in energy levels at all.

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