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Runelite HD OSRS gold is a mod (made by one player who is 117) that uses Old School RuneScape and gives it an HD revamp. As far back as 2018, Jagex were issuing legal threats against mods like this, alleging copyright violation. However, those appeared to be a thing of the past as Jagex approved Runelite's original Runelite.

However, earlier in the week, just hours before the upgraded Runelite HD was due for an official release 117 was approached by Jagex and demanded that work stop and that the release be delayed. However, this time it's not because of copyright claims, but due to the fact that Jagex claims they're creating themselves an HD upgrade.

Although it sounds fair at first, there's actually a massive issue. Runelite HD doesn't actually seem to break any Jagex rules for modding, and the company says that new guidelines informing us of the fact Runelite HD does actually break its own guidelines will be published next week.

Mod creator 117 claims they tried to reach a compromise with Jagex and even offered to take down their mod when Jagex had finished their work and released their own work However, "they declined outright," appearing to be the final word for a task that consumed "approximately over 2000 hours of work over two years."For all the fierce competition, RuneScape isn't just a random collection of people. Well, okay, it is that ... but like many other communities, RuneScape's are able to unite and help each other out in several shining moments which are worth the knightly honour often portrayed on screen.

The most significant act has to be on the part of the game's developers Jagex when they dedicated an inside-game monument (and, more recently pub) to the memory of the top player, 'The Old Nite', who sadly died on the real world in the year 2006. He'd been in active play since the beginning of RuneScape in 2001, and often held the title of 2nd-highest ranked player. He was just ahead of Zezima.

Based on rumours of activity on his profile post-2006 there was a myth that claimed it was true that he was still alive however, it was also blamed on hackers who gained access to his password-protected account. Although neither are substantiated in any way however, this virtual representation of a ghost story does cheap RuneScape gold highlight a unique aspect of MMORPGs: bits of lore may be created about players actually playing them.

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