Crypto Robo Phony Tributes

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asked Sep 14, 2022 in H&E by Cryptorobobot (120 points)


Well now, you can't have a legitimate trick without a few phony tributes and Crypto Robo   is no exemption! Assuming you check above you can see that the purported "individuals" who depend on the product are not genuine individuals! Their pictures were basically taken from the web and used to hawk fake programming.
Counterfeit Crypto Robo   Surveys

Crypto Robo   Audit, Selective Club Of Failures!

Crypto Robo are additionally different renditions of the Crypto Robo   trick. Underneath you can see a more refreshed variant of the application, where they added a "backstaging highlight" which should permit you to "test the principles". This is outright junk and as you can see they are involving irrelevant texts in their attempt to close the deal since it was clearly duplicated from elsewhere (who can say for sure where).





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