The Display gets better MLB stubs every year sinc

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The Display gets better MLB stubs every year since he listens to us and even lets people play to find out if things are working .They can just do so much with what ps4 is capable of.He's a game programmer together with marketing. I played college and semi professional MLB The Show in Altoona Pennsylvania then afterwards nearly got drafted by the Orioles before I blew out my


 pitching shoulder.What I'm saying is that I noticed them becoming more MLB The Show shrewd with all its facets annual .Yes the AI needs better for all scenarios I agree to that. Hopefully this is their very best year. I'm a MLB The Show purest.I enjoy playing with real rosters while handling the game.I'm not into producing new ball parks that don't exist, altering team names and colors, etc.. Not realistic !?

I am old school what have they done to improve it and I perform offline franchise mode? Not a thing! The developers Cannot POSSIBLY BE THIS TONE DEAF! Fans such as myself are SCREAMING FOR YEARS for things that are easy, things like arena builds or better commentators, even the stuff like getting teams/players from 90's-00's on here as men that are playable! It's time I started speaking with my wallet because words mean NOTHING to these so developers

Preach! I am doing exactly the exact same thing. I'm not giving until they receive a scene creator mode in these types of games, SDS anymore of my hard earned dollars. We all I play is franchise and they are completely neglecting it. It is insulting that they charge $60 for all these updates year in, year out. MVP 2005 is the best MLB The


Show game ever, STILL, 14 decades later and that MLB 19 the show stubs even had stadium creator. What a joke. It's time we send them a message. Make some real updates and then we'll provide our cash to you. I simply don't see where our orders are hard or that crazy to accommodate as you don't have a problem asking us to repurchase the same regurgitated game EVERY YEAR for over $60!!? seeing



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