The company has registered two trademarks in UK

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The company has registered two trademarks in RuneScape Gold UK, one for "OSRS Gold" as well as another for "RS Gold" The filing stating that the firm has registered trademarks that use the phrases as words. This could prevent third-party sites from being able to promote their sale of RS Gold.

A cursory Google search of either term results in hundreds of websites several of them having one of the terms listed in their URL, which offer money in RuneScape in exchange for real money. This came after the announcement on October 13 that Jagex has put an end the practice of "real-world trade". 

In a post on their website "The RuneScape Team" explained that "gold bought through RWT real-world trading can be a problem in any online game that uses a trading currency."

Jagex claims it will start sending "messages to those whom we've identified that are engaged in the RWT" within "the next few hours". "For anyone who was involved, we want to emphasize that this is your sole all-encompassing warning" the company added.

Also announced was the news it was going to be a PvP modes, Duel Arena, would be subject to sweeping changes which include stricter enforcement of game's code of conduct to promote more positive gameplay. Jagex affirms that OSRS Fire Cape Buy the feature "has been a source of anger for this type of behavior".

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