I liked the concept of the MLB stubs in

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asked Mar 2, 2019 in H&E by rsgoldfastwq (4,700 points)


I liked the concept of the MLB stubs in-game development system introduced this past year, but thought it had some defects on the execution. Seems like they might not have altered it at all. The only way to earn development points in a match on Plate Vision is by chance off a strike (about getting a base hit off a chunk which has been a strike too ). Additionally, being penalized Contact following a swing and a miss.


How about losing Contact following a Strikeout or swinging and missing inside the zone excessively throughout a game would be OK, but what if I wind up with a base hit in that at-bat? So cus I happened to overlook one of the pitches in the at-bat I still had some Contact regression although I wound up using a base hit? Doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I like the notion, but it's still in need of a few changes. The manner Clutch points taken away and were given out was a big problem last year too.


I must confess and every year for a bit now and I have played this game this really is. They can do nothing, it's not like they have any contest. I'll give some credit to them. I do want 2k sports provide them the exact same dedication as the basketball and could make MLB The Show football, and hockey games. Competition makes folks step up their game.


I really don't get why not being able to decide buy MLB The Show 19 Stubs on a group was a problem I simply made a catcher RTTS cans got drafted by Cincinnati and it made sense since they were needing catchers because their Opening day catcher was only 79 rated I could opt to play for the giants but using buster Posey there I doubt I make it to the majors most likely I get traded so what's the point of picking a group when you can still wind up on a team you do not need to play for??



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