The New Linear Weigher From PFM Group

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asked Aug 30, 2022 in 3D Segmentation by freeamfva (39,060 points)

PFM Packaging Machinery S.p.a. (Italy) - Press Release: Extraordinary accuracy, simple, automatically self-adaptive according to product characteristics. MBP presents the new linear weigher that combines all the technological know-how applied to multi-head weighers.Get more news about top quality linear weigher,you can vist our website!

About MBP:

MBP is an Italian industrial company, part of the PFM Group, providing efficient weighing solutions for the food and non-food industries. Years of research and study have led the company to design and manufacture multi-head weighers capable of handling a wide range of loose products with an excellent speed/precision ratio. Innovation and technology are MBP’s strong points.

PFM Group:

The PFM Group was founded in 1964 and has since achieved world-class status in the design and manufacture of machinery for flexible packaging in both food and non-food industries.
Linear multihead weigher is used for weighing different kinds of dry granules, such as rice and beans, there are different modes for option, such as independent mode linear weigher, mixing mode linear weighing machine or combination mode linear weigher packing machine. Linear weigh filler can be 1-8 heads for option, it can work manually or automatically working with packing machine, and the working speed of this check weigher series is around 10-40bag/min.

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