Compression Springs

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Compression Springs
The Subtil Group produces cylindrical, conical or biconical or barrel-shaped springs, with linear or progressive pitch.Get more news about Electronically Controlled Spring Coiling Machine,you can vist our website!

Compression springs or helical compression springs are torsion-stressed springs which have linear or progressive characteristics. The product is created from spring wires with round, flat, square or profiled sections.

We have a variety of powerful coiling machines available in all size ranges.

All machines are equipped with electronic measurement, control and sorting equipment. Additionally, we have equipped some machines with camera measurement technology.

We have the most modern facilities for the grinding spring ends, some with fully automatic feeding. Likewise, facilities for cold settings, hot settings and a wholly owned power control and fatigue testing equipment exist in our facilities.

Springs are manufactured in wire diameters from 0.10 mm to max. 12 mm, round and profile materials; in all spring materials and special alloys.Baudrand New Tech would like to inform all potential and existing customers that a second hand universal spring coiling machine with electronic control is now available for sale.

The WAFIOS Ful 10 machine, which is in very good working condition (see pictures and video), is able to process wire from ø 8.0mm to 16.0mm.

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