RuneScape is available for free

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I've never played OSRS gold any MMORPGs sincethen, due to my constant loss and shame. There are so many real-life concerns and I just do not have the time let them suck me in. Of all the games, they're by far the most tedious, with endless levels to attain and items to collect. There have been deaths during or in the aftermath of hours of intense play of RuneScape's younger but more popular sibling World of Warcraft, which I guess also makes it an extremely scary game.

In the present, you'll generally find me in Quake as well as Half-Life or hanging out on Team Fortress 2 - games that come in force make a mark on me and fade quickly. It's great to be able to play something I like and put aside quickly, without having to think about how many pieces of wood are in my inventory or the location I'm going to be fishing during tomorrow's session.

But I'm not a fan of the never-ending grind and long-term commitment (and the pain) associated with RuneScape. It's now in its third version as 'RuneScape3' (from 2013) with more content and a visual update, there's a glimmer of hope I may revisit it just to check how it's getting on, in the same way as I would a friend from the past.

Publisher Jagex announced earlier this year that RuneScape would release early access on mobile sometime this summer. As of today, anyone can enjoy this long-running MMORPG across iOS or Android.

RuneScape is available for free, however subscribers can enjoy more games, abilities, and bonuses. You can test the subscription for free during a 7 days of trial. The mobile versions support the cross-play feature and cross-progression to PC This means that you can hop between platforms and continue from where you Buy RuneScape gold were when you quit.


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